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Mechanism Design for Social Good


The "Mechanism Design for Social Good" research agenda is to find problems where insights from algorithms, optimization, and mechanism design have the potential for significant societal impact. We take an interdisciplinary approach to improving access to opportunity and resources. We are interested both in (1) investigating domains that have been relatively unexplored by our research communities, and (2) continuing to build off of previous work that underlies great success stories. We aim to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations with academics and organizations with shared objectives, presentations of research, and discussion on future directions. To this end, we organize various activities including workshops and meetings aimed at exploring new research directions, highlighting existing work, and discussing best practices for working at this interface.

You may join our email-list here. Please include a description of your work or a link to your website in the request. We welcome all interested parties including those working in academia, policy, industry, and other relevant domains. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more, or you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.

Organizers: Rediet Abebe, Kira Goldner, and Irene Lo
Contact: organizers@md4sg.com